Need for affordable housing

1,901 households

(4.9% of all households)

Median Price (Dec-20)
Median House Price (Dec-20)
Mid-Coast (A)$549,000
Regional NSW$565,000
Median Unit Price (Dec-20)
Mid-Coast (A)$391,250
Regional NSW$450,000
Median Rental (Dec-20)
Median House Rental (Dec-20)
Mid-Coast (A)$400/week
Regional NSW$440/week
Median Unit Rental (Dec-20)
Mid-Coast (A)$300/week
Regional NSW$360/week
New dwelling approvals 2019-2020 FY (change from previous year)
Separate houses304 (+17)
Medium and higher density100 (-97)
Average household size (2011-2016)
Mid-Coast (A)2.24 (-0.03)
Regional NSW2.41 (-0.01)
Dominant dwelling type (2016 Census)
Separate house: 3 bedroom(38.1%)
Emerging dwelling type
Separate house: 4+ bedroom(+811)